Don’t be fooled...the cake is the star of the dessert table.

No Cupcake tower in the world could replace a pristine wedding cake, no Cake Pop could ever compensate for a perfectly detailed birthday cake. People judge the event on how outstanding and one of a kind it is and they talk about it afterwards discussing whether it was or wasn’t the most amazing one they had ever seen.


My cakes are known for their straight, clean lines and their origniality. Making your cake wishes come true, while finding

a new twist on tested looks is what I put the most emphasis on.

My attention and love of detail should be seen and felt in every That Baking Girl creation.


I  offer three FLAVOURS:  



Red Velvet


I then fill with a BUTTERCREAM flavour of your choice,

eg. Strawberry or Chocolate, they are then covered in a CHOCOLATE GANACHE, which gives them their perfect shape and finished off with FONDANT.


These cakes are very dense and very moist, not to be compared with airy store bought cakes.


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